Who we are …

From mr Nice guy to King.

Let’s focus on bringing back real and healthy polarities into the world.
So, men are a Man again and women are a Woman again.
Both are in agreement on their roles and strive for the sacred union.

Together we create this new earth. We both have Masculine and Feminine energies, but if we lose ourselves, as men, in femininity we demasculinize ourselves. And we step into a role of pleasing, putting our selfs second (or even last) and giving away our power. Sacred Masculine Awakening helps Men to reclaim their role, as heart-driven leaders, a pillar to lean on for the feminine, and a beacon in troubling times.


Bring men back in their masculine, heart-driven, leadership.


We strive to enable our clients to have focus, clear direction, and succeed in all areas of life. And to inspire and empower all around them to reach for the stars as well.

Our Team of Kings

Coen van Broekhoven
Founder / King​

Coen is king of his world

Johannes Huijbregts
Founder / King

Johannes is a master healer