Johannes Huijbregts

Magic being born

I worked in the Navy for many years. On a submarine sometimes underwater for weeks with the same people in an environment literally and figuratively under high pressure. Any mistake, any moment of inattention could be fatal. I learned important lessons there. Everyone is their own unique self, with their own unique qualities, but also with their own unique pitfalls and darkness.

From my core I am an (energetic) healer. I found out about this when I was 17, when I realized that I could take on ‘pains’ from others, but then it would bother me. Through my path via Reiki, to reconnective healing. breath coaching and various other forms of healing I realize now more than ever how important it is to share this with the world. So that everyone can learn how to activate their inner healer. In essence, we are all healers.

My coaching work is based on a combination of ‘now’ coaching, breathwork and inquiry (subconscious programming)
Which means that we stay out of the stories as much as possible, and focus on results. Not based on what we think needs to change, but based on what we can let go of to reach your maximum potential.

Inquiry is a guided form of focusing. Whereby you will activate new connections in your brain from the experience of unity, to accelerate / support the processes.

And during the breath sessions (connected breathing / rebirthing) we work on dissolving old limiting beliefs, stuck (unconscious) emotions, and opening the full breath potential. Which allows our nervous system to ‘rest’ again instead of being in fight / flight / freeze continuously.

I work from grounded spirituality, as a Healer, (breath) Coach and Magician, and have been coaching people back to their essence and best version of themselves for years.
And Now with SMA I really have found my purpose, to combine all my capabilities and help men back into their true state of being Kings again.

My mission is to bring you back to your pure essence. The real you. From connection in and with yourself. Ready to penetrate the world, from a heart driven perspective.

Caring, Sobriety, Stir it up, Magician