Coen van Broekhoven


… for the deep connection, I now experience with myself, with others and with Life itself.

Especially, with my two beautiful sons (9 and 11 years), from a previous relationship, whom I love dearly. I learned and still learn so much from them. They are my two biggest spiritual teachers.

After thirteen years of supporting men through coaching and therapy, seeing the profound long-lasting results,

and, through my own inner journey, after 35 years of gathering personal and spiritual wisdom about the masculine, feminine and beyond…

… I´m proud to say that I love what I do and I´m really good at it. And even more proud to feel so grateful and blessed to have the privilege to walk with them. To guide them, to the Kings 👑 that they truly are.

Next to being a men´s coach (also individually), I was also a relationship expert in the past. Helping couples with their relationship problems to get deeply connected again.

As founder and international trainer of outdoor life coaching, I also teach other professionals to use nature in their coaching, counselling and therapy. And bring the quality of support in the world to a totally different level.

Today, I feel Present, awake, grateful, peaceful, loved, confident, energised, and joyful. I dare to speak my truth, know what my Purpose is, and treat myself and women with Love and respect through heart-driven leadership.

My days are filled with magic ✨ But this wasn´t always the case…

For a long time, I thought this was not for me.

I felt frustrated and abandoned.





Every time I got stuck.

In self-confidence. Procrastination. Unhealthy self-care. Work. Relationships. Emotional management.

I was surviving instead of living.

No goal. No direction. Completely unaware of how I undermined my own strength.

I had no stimulating male role model. Having an absent, emotionally disconnected, father. And no loving safe haven. Having an anxious, oppressive, emotionally disconnected, criticizing, frustrated mother. And around my birth, there was a lack of emotional connection and breastfeeding. Therefore, I was in agony for the first 4 months of my life. Crying for love and comfort.

Throughout my life, I tried to disappear, being the child in the background, having difficulty with relationships, and kept getting stuck.

It hurt more and more. I felt so lonely. While CRAVING for Love, Growth and serving Life. I went deep down, going through multiple addictions.

Until I reached such a low point that I was hunched in, cut off from everything and everyone, and thought: “Is this it!?”.

“Should I settle for a six?!”.

I felt disappointed. Powerless.

No passion. No energy.

I was done with it.

Completely done.

It was then, that I remembered again me being a child, living in a magical world of superheroes and fantasies, Where everything was possible. Seeing all kinds of possibilities. Fascinated by the essence of things. Of personal and spiritual development. Thinking about raising consciousness and love in the world. Seeing and feeling what others couldn´t see.

FINALLY, I decided to go on an inner journey. I got up and took the path of self-realisation. Looked in the mirror at my own problems and challenges. My own behaviour.

Confronting! And satisfying at the same time.

Amazing professionals & experts from many different countries crossed my path. Wisdom. Inspiration. And many painful confrontational moments.

My journey provided me with a wealth of insight, experience and expertise. On so many different levels and areas of myself and life. And gave me the drive and determination to support others achieve the same.

From there, I developed my own unique and magical way of coaching.

And here we are…

One thing is totally clear to me right now:

If YOU are willing to take the first step outside of your comfort zone and have the commitment to put in the work it takes, you can ABSOLUTELY bridge the gap from where you are now to where you want to be.

EVEN if you don’t know where that is yet.

As one of my greatest inspirations Tony Robbins so beautifully says: “Everything in this life either grows or dies.” Whether it concerns a plant, your work, or relationships.

Growth = Key.

My problems and challenges are my opportunities to grow. Just like the men who go through great transformations during men´s events and coaching processes.

It makes me happy!

The power that is released in them when they gain clarity, when they make decisions, take action, learn new skills, and break through old patterns.

Pure magic! ✨

And perhaps even more magical: the impact it has on their environment.

Go for it!

Sincerely, Coen van Broekhoven