To feel your divine masculine power you need to be consciously connected with your feelings. Heart driven.

You need to stand in your deepest Truth. At all times.

And not only that.

You need to live and act accordingly. In all areas of life.

Then, you become a man who deeply knows what is important and where he is going.

A man who is authentic.

Can be trusted.

Feels safe.

And loves himself.

A Divine Masculine.

You become the leader of your own world.

A true King 👑

Who leads his Kingdom. On his terms and his rules.

But, often, this is difficult.

Simply, because many men are partly stuck in learned behavioural patterns and survival mechanisms. Paired with underlying emotional blockages and limiting beliefs.

Mostly not aware of this at all.

Or they are, but don´t know how to overcome these blockages.

First, they think it will be ok and solve it themselves.

But the same problems and challenges keep coming back.

So, the question becomes: Are you this man?

Who has problems like:

• Avoiding conflict,
• Being focused on (the expectations of) others A LOT,
• Feeling insecure,
• Not being able to feel your emotions and express them,
• Relationship issues,
• Procrastination and being passive,
• Difficulties with setting boundaries,
• Thinking a lot,
• Lacking focus or direction,
• Stress and being frustrated,
• Difficulties with communication,
• Lack of pleasure and happiness,
• Work-life imbalance.

If you recognize this you probably don´t feel very empowered.

And DEFINITELY not the King in your Life.

Rather, you feel that your life is passing you by.

Which sucks!

While deep down inside you want to feel free.

You want to feel powerful.

And enjoy life and the beautiful people around you.

Be a source of inspiration for your loved ones.


Well… The good news is: You can!

But the bad news is: it won’t come for free.

If you don´t have the commitment, nothing will change.

So, if that´s the case, please leave our website. Because then you’re just not the man we are here for.

But if you do, then please stay and read some more.

Because the truth of the matter is, that the problems you are facing right now stem from deeper causes.

Causes that even go back far into your past. And are kept hidden in your subconscious.

That´s why the same problems and challenges keep coming back.

And that´s why you need support to get to the root of things.

We know, because we had the same problems in the past. And we also had amazing men supporting us with our inner journey. Which led to becoming the men that we are today.

It’s very simple: If you don’t address the root causes, nothing will change in the long run.

So, if you are not ready to commit, please leave.

Dealing with your problems requires:

  1. The acknowledgement that you have challenges and want to grow, and,
  2. The courage and commitment to REALLY take action.

And that´s exactly what we offer you.

The right tools to become a heart-driven man who speaks his truth and acts upon it.

So, if you are that man… that wants to awaken his Divine Masculine…


We are Johannes Huijbregts and Coen van Broekhoven, from the Netherlands.

With 16 years of experience in coaching and healing.

And 93 years of life experience in personal and spiritual development.

In ALL areas of Life.

No area remains consciously unexplored!

That´s why we discovered that the Truth is actually very simple:

The Essence underneath all problems is always the same.

The emotional blockages, limiting beliefs, learned behavioural patterns and survival mechanisms, that keep you from being the King 👑 that you Truly are.

You need to address those.

That´s why we offer amazing transformational men´s events. In which we use our most profound techniques and methods to do so. In the powerful presence of a group of men.

Men’s days, weekends and retreats. In the Netherlands and abroad.

Click here to check out our upcoming events.

All intended to bring you back into your masculine power.

Into your Kingdom 👑


… No more BS!

Long live the king! 👑

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